Chance & Necessity

fcigar_10_x_15_400_1_an_gif fschwefel_10_x_15_31000_8_an_gif
felli_10_x_15_8000_1_an_gif felli100_10_x_15_2000_17_an_gif
frosenbrock_10_x_15_1000_1_an_gif frosenbrock_10_x_15_7000_1_an_gif
frosenbrock_10_x_15_395000_1_an_gif frosenbrock_10_x_15_460229_1_an_gif
fsphere_10_x_15_200_22_an_gif fssphere_10_x_15_200_16_an_gif

Here is also a video showing the evolution
of one solution from a random starting point
to a near optimal (local or global) end point.

The video is produced by using
Octave, Irfanview, and MAGIX Video de Luxe (© MAGIX Software GmbH).
The music is from a live performance of
John Michel (Cello) (Wikimedia Commons).

© 1994- Hans-Michael Voigt
Hans-Michael Voigt
Evolutionary Computation
& Generative Art